SBI alert

SBI alert don't do this

Alert from SBI! Don’t do this you will lose your money.

Net banking and digitization have made banking transactions easier. As a result, online fraud and cybercrime have also increased due to the increasing popularity of online banking.

Scammers have adopted a new technique to defraud SBI account holders. The State Bank of India (SBI) has issued an alert to its 44 crore customers about this fraud. QR codes are commonly used in this fraud.

The bank warned its customers not to scan any QR codes they get from anyone, even by mistake.

In the event you scan a QR code without knowing the sender’s details, you might lose money from your account.

Customers were alerted via Twitter. You do not need to scan the QR code to receive the money, according to the alert. Always follow the safety tips when making UPI payments.

According to SBI, QR codes are only used for making payments, not for taking payments. If you get a message or mail asking you to scan the QR code as part of receiving payment, do not scan it even by mistake. It may empty your account. When you scan a QR code, you do not receive the money but receive a message saying that the money has been withdrawn from your account.

QR code scams: how to avoid them

  • You need to understand the bank’s safety tips. A single mistake can turn you into a pauper. 
  •  Verify the UPI ID before making a payment. 
  • Verify the mobile number and name before sending money, in addition to the UPI ID.
  • Never share your UPI PIN with anyone.
  • Be careful not to confuse the UPI PIN.

  • Use the scanner properly when transferring funds.

  •  Do not rely on sources other than official sources for solutions.
  • Use the help section of the SBI app for any payment or technical issues.