Rituraj Chaudhary Hacked Google

Rituraj Chaudhary Hacked Google really?

Does Rituraj Chaudhary from Bihar really hack google?

In recent days, social media has been flooded with reports that Google was hacked by a boy from Bihar. The reports state that after hacking Google, the boy was offered a lucrative job at the company with a salary package worth crores!

In the viral fake news doing the rounds on social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, Rituraj Chaudhary of Bihar is said to have “hacked” Google, and impressed by his skills, the tech company gave him a job with a salary package of Rs 3.66 crores.

According to the investigation, the student did not hack Google and has not received a similar job offer from the company, but has received other benefits from the company as a researcher.

Rituraj Chaudhary, an engineering student from Begusarai, Bihar, did not, in fact, “hack” Google, but reported an error in the global search engine, which could help the company enhance its security.

In media reports, Rituraj Chaudhary found a bug in the famous search engine Google that could have made it easier for hackers to get into its security system and leak vital company information.

Chaudhary reported the bug to Google, and the tech giant also confirmed that it could have easily led to hackers gaining access to the search engine. Google rewarded Chaudhary for his discovery.

As a result of Chaudhary’s discovery of this potential threat in the search engine’s database, Google decided to honor him with the Google Hall of Fame Award, adding Rituraj’s name to the list of its researchers. There will also be additional benefits.

Currently, Rituraj is in P-2 of his bug hunting. Google will reward him as soon as he reaches P-0. Additionally, the engineering student will also gain a lot of benefits in the future. 

Rituraj is a second-year BTech student at IIT Manipur. Along with his engineering studies, Rituraj Chaudhary, son of businessman Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary, is also researching cyber security.