instagram iPhone 13 scam

instagram iPhone 13 scam

Know how the cybercriminals have set the trap for you if you fall into the greed for free iPhone 13 on the Internet.

With the rise of internet use and social media, cybercrime has also increased. Criminals always find new ways to defraud people. Occasionally, they tempt people by offering something, or they aim to obtain information by deception. On Instagram, cybercriminals have started sending messages to win a free iPhone 13 Max Pro. Until now, many people have become victims of this. However, many recognized this message and are warning people about this scam (iPhone 13 scam).

The scam is

Instagram users see the message in posts and comments – “Congratulations!” You have won the iPhone 13.” A link is also shared with this message or users are asked to sign up for the gift by clicking on the link given in the profile bio. Instagram users have been tagged in their comments and posts regarding the free iPhone 13 gift (Instagram iPhone 13 Trap). The scammers do this through fake accounts and promotions. Even though many creators run giveaway campaigns on Instagram, the new offer is completely fraudulent.

This is how the account is empty

A link sent to users under the guise of iPhone 13 leads them to a fake Web page. Users are asked to fill out a form, where they are asked to list their personal information. The user is then asked for some amount as a shipping charge by providing debit or credit card details. The user fills out this detail, allowing the card details and data to be stolen. They are asking for a very low shipping fee for the iPhone 13. In reality, even if someone pays one rupee, the scammer gets information about the card and payment. Later, he can use this information to clear the bank account.