Dhani Loan Fraud

Someone is using your PAN card on the loan application.

Someone is using your PAN card on the loan application. Dhani app loan fraud! so checks your credit score right now.

There have been a lot of complaints posted on social media about people’s PAN cards being misused in the past few days. Dhani App is connected to this case of giving a loan to an unknown person using their PAN card. Thousands of such complaints were posted on social media, in which people alleged that their PAN card details were used to provide loans to others. In the event this fraud is not happening on your PAN, let us know what is going on and how to keep an eye out for this Fake Loan Fraud.

The matter relates to the Dhani app.

The Dhani App is a financial services app operated by Fintech company Indiabulls. The Dhani App of this company provides unsecured loans. Recently, it has come to light that people are being scammed through this app. According to complaints, many people’s PAN details were used to grant loans to someone else. While he wasn’t even in agreement with this work. A Twitter user reported earlier this week that Indiabulls’ company IVL Finance had granted him a loan in his name. The same PAN number is used for both loans. He said he defaulted without taking the loan. He asked how another person could take out a loan in someone else’s name and PAN without him knowing it. 

How to check online credit score

In a credit score report, you can find out how many loan accounts you have. This requires the assistance of a credit bureau. Credit bureaus like TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, and CRIF can be accessed. Apart from this, SBI Card, Paytm, Bank Bazaar, etc. provide the facility to check reports by partnering with bureaus. Choose the option that suits you and find the credit score of the respective app or portal. We would like to let you know that SBI offers its credit card customers the facility to check their credit scores for free. In addition to this, users also have other options. To log in, some information such as the PAN number, date of birth, mobile number, email id will be needed. Once the account has been logged in, the report can be accessed. This report shows how many loans were taken in your name. If you see any loans you have not taken, then you can immediately file a complaint. Complaints must be filed on the official Income Tax website.