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ALERT: ‘Martinelli’ hoax reappeared

World still struggling with the global Pandemic COVID19 and hackers using this crucial time to target the victims by spreading fake news about health issue, tried to lure the users into logging handing over their login credentials.

Numbers of attempted cyber attacks increases during this crucial time. Several COVID19 scam and malware sites are pumped out on a daily basis, fake self-testing kits, masks bogus antivirus medicine etc.

And suddenly an old Whats App hoax reappeared and its known as the “Martinelli hoax.” It’s nothing but a Whats App chain letter. The fictional threat mentioned that the “Martinelli” video carrying virus and mayhem and it shows “dance of the pope”, its all bogus

But the real threat is the “Whats App gold” and attention need to be paid, because it claimed a new “premium services” such as video calling and new emojis, It’s a malicious code. Users who clicked on the link get trapped and generate backdoor for the hackers and they can get your credentials easily.

So, don’t click on any unknown link or download any app without checking its details and real versions and update your phone regularly.


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