cyber view on covid

cyber view on covid

COVID 2019: A Cyber View

Understand dangerous pandemic COVID19 in the ‘Ethical Hacking Mode.

Social Distancing is the only way to break the cycle of infection, PM Modi said while addressing the Nation. But, after announcing a complete lockdown in the country for next 21 days, I have seen huge gathering at several places without masks and extra protections. And at that time I have decided to take some visuals about what is going outside right now to put all the details in an innovative form.

Little bit curious to find out what’s in the mind of people at that moment, I did this and complete the assignment. While taking visuals during the lockdown, I have notice that people gathered outside without protection even they have advised by the authorities to wear a mask, they are roaming freely without protection which I relate with the ‘Antivirus’ and we generally used an Antivirus to protect our system from Viruses.

That moment was shocking and I was thinking about the people that how they themselves make vulnerable for a Virus or in technical term for an attacker (COVID infected patient) in a hacker’s view, just like an open ‘PORT’ an easy target.

Even after our PM make an appeals to make “Social Distancing” people not taking this seriously, they just roam without mask and gloves, not maintaining any distance. And, if these situations continues, we will see next when such ‘Social Distancing’ turns ‘Social Engineering’ (SET Tools) which is totally exploitable.

SET Tools/MSF (Metasploit) generally used to exploit target during Pen Testing/Ethical Hacking.

Now, here we will connect COVID19 with the some random ‘Virus’ harmful for any system. But, first of all we need to understand how Covid spread? Simple explanation is “it is being passed through droplets of coughing and sneezing” If any COVID infected person come in the contact directly he also get infected with the virus.

So, in a hacker’s view, this Virus is already set as a payloads in some .exe files or some other extension or Links like (Human) or Code (RNA) to ‘Exploit’ your ‘System’ (Human Body)

And, when you click the link or run the .exe file (Means come closer to the infected person) who was disguised to appear as a normal text file or .exe file who just feel like nothing will happened, in other words human body at ‘Normal Temperature’ and after some time it will create at Backdoor (Enter into your body) , the virus start working at the back end, just like a ‘meterpreter’ session and you become ill.

Next, the session has been started, you have limited time to break the session (Sanitized yourself) or it turns fatal, your ‘System’ (Human Body) get ‘Crashed’ within some days, resulting a mishap like death, because the virus start functioning control your computer system (Human Body Chain System) and that’s what the hacker did earlier by exposing you with the COVID19, now the malicious activity begins (Fever, cough) because at the back end the session has been already started and control by the command, even the virus will dumped your system (your body) that’s how we do during meterpreter session.

So, I urge people to not get your ‘Port’ (Gates: Oral/Breath) open, do not make them vulnerable for the ‘Hacker’ (Infected patients) and and beware of such malicious ‘Virus’ (COVID).

Just do one thing which our PM said, make social distance by improving your ‘Firewall’ system (Stay At Home) so you can secure your home network (you and your family)

Note: And this undetected payload (COVID) created with ‘Unicorn’ (Wuhan)

“You stay at home, We will update you”


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