facebook investigation

facebook investigation

Investigation of Facebook related crimes.

Case Study: One lady has filed a complaint at Police Station with the following allegations:-

  • Someone has created a fake Facebook Profile in her name to harm her reputation
  • Posted her morphed nude photographs
  • Posted vulgar & obscene comments
  • Posted sexually explicit content

Applicable Sections?

IPC:- 292/465/469/509
IT ACT (Information Technology Act,2000):- 66C/66D/67/67A

Duty of Investigation Officer:

Investigating Officer has to seize the following articles:-

  1. Screenshot of the fake Facebook accounts created in the name of the complainant {specifically those screenshots containing postings/photographs posted by the accused}
  2. ID proof document of the complainant and after seizure the ID Proof document be kept in zima with the complainant
  3. Computer system (Desktop or Laptop) or Mobile Phone Handset through which the postings were visited by the complainant be seized
  4. If Printer is available, then seize the same and kept the same in zima with complainant after seizure.
  5. Mobile Phone Handset be sent to SFSL, Rasulgarh for forensic examination and opinion
  6. Write down the details of computer system / mobile phone handset in the seizure list:
    1. Make
    2. Model
    3. Color
    4. Sl No
    5. IMEI / MAc

How to find Facebook id from Vanity Name:

  • If photographs or videos containing obscenity or sexually explicit content are posted in the Facebook, then seize those photographs & video files in hard copy print outs as well as in soft copy and mention the HASH VALUE in the Seizure List
  • Those photographs or video files containing obscenity or sexually explicit content to be stored in a Compact Disc (CD) and the said CD be seized upon production by the complainant.
  • Mention the properties of the photographs or video files in the Seizure List in a tabular format:
  • The Investigating Officer has to collect the information given by the accused in respect of the fake Facebook profiles created in Facebook Profile in the name of the complainant:-
    • Profile name
    • URL
    • Profile Picture
    • Account Creation Date
    • Basic Information
    • Address (if available)
    • Work & Education (if available)
    • Relationship Status (if available)
    • List of friends (if available)

How to extract the Information of accused from Facebook Law Enforcement Online Request Portal: Click here to view the post

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