How to access Facebook Law Enforcement Online Request Portal

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select “I am an authorized law enforcement agent or government employee investigating an emergency, and this is an official request”

Step 2: Click on ” Request Access”

Step 3: Enter government provided email id and click on submit

Step 4: Login into your government provided email id and click on the as shown in figure below

Step 5: Following things the officer can do:

  • Make a preservation Request (if officer make the preservation request, facebook will preserve the data even criminal delete his/her profile)
  • Make a record Request (if officer want to take out the details of facebook user)
  • Step 6: Click on “Make Records Request” and fill the said form (we can not show the photo of form due to privacy policies of facebook)
  • Step 7: After filling the form, officer will able to download the pdf of user profile (officer will be notified on the mail)
  • Step 8: Hash Calculation- After receiving the pdf calculate hash value and note down the same in the Case Diary, also store the said report PDF File in a CD and submit the same along with the Case Record and a Certificate; which will be given by the Investigating Officer.

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