Modus Operandi: How Bengaluru Youth makes crores by data theft

A 25 year old bengaluru youth has been arrested for multiple crimes: drug peddling & consuming, hacking into government sites and data stealing of private companies.

Central Crime branch officials told that 25 years old hacker was arrested in bengaluru on 18th november 2020, for helping drug paddlers to sell drugs using dark net.

Drug Purchasing: Dark Web

Sri Krishna (accused) hacked into gaming platforms to stole points, which was further used to obtain bitcoins. He was using those bitcoins to purchase drugs from the dark web.

Mode of communication: Wickr app

According to the police, Sri Krisna installs the wickr app on stranger’s phone, while walking on the road, he use to take help from strangers that “he has lost his mobile phone and he want to communicate with someone on urgent basis”.

Wickr app is encrypted messaging application, where he communicate with buyers. In this application, the messages will get delete after few seconds automatically.

Money Extortion:

According to the police Sri Krishna and Suneesh Hegde (owner of construction company), they both extort money from private companies after stealing their data, if companies denies to pay them the money, they would end up by selling the data to third party.

Data stealing: Using hack5’s Wifi Pineaaple Device for MITM:

According to police, Sri Krishna used Hack5’s Wifi Pineaaple device to conduct man in the middle attack (MITM), where the fake access points got created, once the people got connected to his fake wifi, he used to extract the username and passwords, which further used to steal data of the companies. He made around 18 crore by selling data to the third parties on the dark web.