sai app

SAI app: a secure application for internet messaging app like Whatsapp made by the Indian Army.

Indian Army Launches Whatsapp Like chat application “SAI”

Security Applciation for the Internet (SAI) launched by Indian Army, A new chat application similar to whatsapp.

Indian army developed its own chat application which is similar to whatsapp. This new chat application is called SAI (security application for the internet), which provided end to end secure voice text and video calling services for the android mobile phones.
This application aims for secure chat to protect sensitive information to any third party vendor.

After blocking on 59 chinese apps in july, the indian army instructred soldiers to delete 89 applications from their mobile phones including dating apps like tinder, facebook, daily hunt, pubg etc. This was doen to protect the leakage of sensitive information.

SAI is similar to available chat applications likes whatsapp, telegram etc which are providing end to end encryption. Indian Army is currently developing SAI application for iOS as well.