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Pm Modi Twitter account hack, Hackers tweeted about bitcoin.

Hackers targeted PM Modi’s Twitter account and hacked the account, in which it was said that bitcoin should be given legal recognition. Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter account was hacked around 2 am on 12 December. The first tweet after being hacked was deleted after a few minutes and once again the same tweet was repeated. At the same time, this tweet was also removed. It has been officially informed by the PMO that the Twitter account of PM Modi was hacked. In the tweet made by the PMO, it has been informed that the Twitter account of PM Modi has been tampered with. The matter has been given to Twitter. Whereas the account has been secured immediately. Along with this, it has been said that any tweet shared from the Twitter account should be ignored while being hacked. Many users on Twitter have shared a screenshot of this tweet. The tweet from PM Modi’s account read, “India has officially given the legal acceptance of bitcoin. The government has officially bought 500 bitcoins (BTC) and is distributing them to the citizens of the country.” A scam link was also attached with the tweet.